Reset Your iDevice Home Screen Layout

Reset iDevice Home Screen 4

If you want to restore only the home screen of you device without losing your files you can do it by following this tutorial. [Read more...]

Find the Installation Date of your OS


Find the date of your Windows OS installation, view the installation date of your OS and also a lot of more information for your system: [Read more...]

Clear the Thumbnail Cache in Windows XP

Clear the Thumbnail Cache in Windows 3

Thumbs.db: is a useless hidden system cache file created in Windows. These files help speed up the thumbnails display of you videos and pictures whenever you return to view the folder. [Read more...]

Remove “NVIDIA Control Panel” from Desktop Right-Click Menu

Remove NVIDIA Contorl Panel from the right click context menu

The “NVIDIA Control Panel” item in the desktop context menu doesn’t improve or increase performance of you system so why have it there? Following this procedure will show you how you can remove “NVIDIA Control Panel” from desktop right-click context menu, in case you feel that you need it after it has been removed all you would need to do is repeat the process. [Read more...]

Disable “There are unused icons on your desktop” Popup Balloon

there are some unused icons

The Desktop Cleanup Wizard is suppose to run every 60 days. But the reality is that it runs almost every 15 Minutes making it very Annoying and difficult to work on XP. So here is how to remove it: [Read more...]

Should i Remove It – Installation and Use

Feature Image Should i Remove It

If you buy a new computer of course there are going to be a lot of pre-installed programs that most of them you won’t even use, also toolbars and other stuff that are installed automatically after an another program installed. [Read more...]

Fix Windows 8 Store Download Pending


On some systems the stock windows store keeps the applications download on pending, not even restarting your system would fix it , you have to troubleshoot it using the following steps below. [Read more...]

How to Boot in Safe Mode on Windows 8


Safe Mode is a troubleshooting mode that starts your computer at only a basic UI and has some unique options such as administrator account and also you can fix a lot of problems on your machine such as driver install or uninstall. [Read more...]