Use full Capacity of Installed Hard Drive Larger than 2 Terabytes


If you have installed a 3 terabyte hard drive or larger but Windows 7 recognizes only 2 terabytes or less, I’ll show how to fully use your hard drive capacity. [Read more…]

Ubuntu – Add Delete to the right click context menu


Did you know that by adding “Delete” to the right click context menu, Deletes files from your hard drive without sending it to the trash in Ubuntu. [Read more…]

Enable the Pointer Shadow – Windows 8.1


If you haven’t noticed Windows 8.1 doesn’t have the shadow under the mouse cursor. So here’s to get it back in case you want it: [Read more…]

Pinnacle Studio 17 No Timeline Video Preview – Fixed


Running Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate? Trying to play or add a video to the time line but no video preview is being displayed when clicking on play? Only hear the audio from the video but the Preview screen is grayed out? Here is how to fix it: [Read more…]

Add Safe Mode To The Boot Menu – Windows 8.1

save mode

With previous versions of Windows it was easy to access save mode, just by tapping on F8 while booting up. Now with Windows 8, Windows 10 that doesn’t seem to work for most users. [Read more…]

SSD vs. HDD: What’s the difference?


With the ever changing technology trends, we see new choices coming up to replace the traditional options that were available to us. Slowly, but surely we are finding better solutions to cater our problems. Now, coming to the storage options available, with the availability of SSD, there have been more devices to follow with an SSD approach along with the HDD to boot.  Many Laptops currently provide a SSD along with an HDD drive. [Read more…]

What is a Botnet


A software that remotely controls a computer here is referred to as a Bot and Botnet, a network of remotely-controlled computers. The computers remotely controlled are infected by the malware which is use to control them. Botnet computers can be made up of hundreds to thousands and even up to millions. [Read more…]

Fix Yoast WordPress SEO Sitemap 404 Error


Yoast’s WordPress SEO Sitemaps is generating a 404 Error. For a while I’ve been having this issue, I just never paid any attention to it till now. [Read more…]