Mount a Flash Drive on Your Android Device


If you need to expand your storage your droid device and you don’t have an SD card slot you can do it using a USB stick and a usb otg (on the go) cable. [Read more…]

How To Delete Gmail or Google Account


So you have decided that you don’t need your Gmail anymore, here’s how you can delete Gmail or Google Account.

Note: that deleting a “Google” account is the same as deleting a “Gmail” account. [Read more…]

Fix Windows cannot be installed to this disk


Windows cannot be installed to this disk while trying to install Windows. This tutorial is going to help you convert your disk to (GPT) to be able to install Windows.

Note: By following this tutorial you will format the disk, that means all data will be deleted. Make sure to back up. [Read more…]

Boot From USB Drive Even If Your PC Doesn’t Support Booting From USB


This tutorial was created for those users who have trouble configuring the BIOS to boot from a USB. Assuming that you are trying to install Windows 8 on a PC via USB. [Read more…]

Recall an email Message sent in Error- Outlook


This tutorial shows how to recall emails from Outlook. Message recalling is the process of deleting emails sent in error that has not been read. [Read more…]

Check if You Are Running 32 or 64 bit Version of Chrome

chrome version fimage

How do you know what version of Chrome your using? Did you know that chrome has 2 versions 32 and 64 bit. When you download it, it doesn’t ask which version do you want to install, so lets check witch version you are using: [Read more…]

How to Dual boot Windows 8.1 with Windows 10 Tecnical Preview

Dualboot windows 81 with windows 10

In this tutorial I’ll Dual boot Windows 8.1 with Windows 10, but first I need to partition Windows 8.1 C: drive to make room for Windows 10 there. There are few recommendations before continuing make sure to back up cause you never know what might happen. [Read more…]

Migrate from Gmail to Office 365-Exchange Online

gmail to exchange

Here are the the steps to migrate from Gmail to Office 365 (Exchange Online). This process also applies to any other IMAP provider. [Read more…]