Disable OneDrive Integration in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

disable onedrive integration in windows 6

To completely disable OneDrive we’ll be using a Group Policy to remove it. This is in case you use an alternative to OneDrive like Carbonite. [Read more…]

How to Create a Bootable Windows ISO Image

How to Create an ISO image of windows 1

To create a bootable ISO image is simple if using ImgBurn. the advantage of using ImgBurn is that is compatible with Windows 7 through Windows 10 I’ve tested it myself. So if you want to create create a Windows ISO image out of a Windows disc just follow this tutorial. I’ll be using Windows 8.1 for my tutorial. [Read more…]

Fix: Burn Disc Image Option Missing From the Right Click Context Menu


By default Windows 7 through Windows 10  have the ability to Burn an ISO file without the need of a third party software. The Burn disc image option should appear at the top of the right click context menu when you right-click on a ISO file. [Read more…]

How to Find Windows Product Key – Free & Easy

Find Windows product key

If Windows came pre-installed on your PC, your product key should be attached on the side or back of your computer. [Read more…]

How to Uninstall Your Windows Product Key

uninstall windows product key

Do you have a PC that you need to get rid off and would like to use the Windows License key on your new rig? [Read more…]

How to Convert MBOX to Outlook PST


A Well-Designed Email Conversion Application to Convert MBOX to PST Format

In present environment we can’t think without technology. When we talk about technology then first impression comes in our mind is email. Nowadays email is the biggest part of our life of communication among organization for inside and outside. As the basic need is increasing such as sending or receiving information through telephone lines or computers likewise various types of email application are coming into existence. [Read more…]

Mount a Flash Drive on Your Android Device


If you need to expand your storage your droid device and you don’t have an SD card slot you can do it using a USB stick and a usb otg (on the go) cable. [Read more…]

How To Delete Gmail or Google Account


So you have decided that you don’t need your Gmail anymore, here’s how you can delete Gmail or Google Account.

Note: that deleting a “Google” account is the same as deleting a “Gmail” account. [Read more…]