How to Install Windows 10 Technical Preview From a USB drive

Install Windows 10

This is a simple video tutorial on how to install Windows 10 Technical Preview from a Bootable USB for a faster installation. [Read more...]

Create an ISO Image File From a Windows 7 Installation Disk

difference between a disc and a disk 2

Ive read other tutorials and some say “Creating a Windows 7 ISO from a Windows 7 installation Disk is the same as creating an ISO from any type of disc” that is not true at all, not all ISO software support creating an ISO from a Windows 7 Installation disk. [Read more...]

How to Log out of FaceBook Messenger – Android

Logout messenger android feature image

After Facebook made impossible to chat without messenger a lot of people are having a problems logging out of it. [Read more...]

Use your Android Device as a Secondary Monitor

screen stream android F image

Everyone says that 2 is better than 1 , but not everyone have space or budget for a secondary monitor. Lets set your android device as a secondary monitor for free. [Read more...]

How to Enable the Sleep Option in the Windows Shut Down Menu

sleep greyed out4

My sleep button is grayed out how do I enable it? The Process of enabling the Sleep option in Windows 7 shut down menu it’s simple. [Read more...]

Rename “This PC” Back to “My Computer”

rename 2

Microsoft changed the name of “My Computer” to “This PC”, for those users that prefer it the old way, you can easily rename it. [Read more...]

Disable the Drop Shadows in Windows 10

Disable the Drop Shadows 1

I don’t know why the windows drop shadows in Windows 10 Technical Preview are huge making it difficult to view the window behind it. [Read more...]

How to Dualboot Windows 8.1 with Windows 10 Tecnical Preview

choose an OS

In this tutorial I’ll Dualboot Windows 8.1 with Windows 10, but first I need to partition Windows 8.1 C: drive to make room for Windows 10 there. There are few recommendations before continuing make sure to back up cause you never know what might happen. [Read more...]