Fix Windows 8 Store Download Pending


On some systems the stock windows store keeps the applications download on pending, not even restarting your system would fix it , you have to troubleshoot it using the following steps below. [Read more...]

How to Boot in Safe Mode on Windows 8


Safe Mode is a troubleshooting mode that starts your computer at only a basic UI and has some unique options such as administrator account and also you can fix a lot of problems on your machine such as driver install or uninstall. [Read more...]

How to Find your Windows Product Key


If  for any reason you have lost the product key and you need to use that code you can get it with a third party software called Windows 8 Product Key Viewer a portable app that lets you find lost product key of windows and works on all editions of windows including Windows XP to Windows 8.1 both 32 and 64 bit versions and doesn’t need an installation, just extract to your desktop and run to view the product key. [Read more...]

Windows 8.1 Update 1 – Whats New

Feature Image

The first update of windows was relased in april 8 with some new features users have requested.  these new features make the GUI more easier to use with these new features and you can look whats new at this post below. [Read more...]

Manually Update Windows 8 / 8.1


When it comes to updating windows 8 / 8.1 is the same as the all other versions of windows, that means that you set updates automatically or set a time when  windows updates but this tutorial is going to be on how to install it manually. [Read more...]

Set an Animated Picture or Video as a Background on Windows 8


Today you can set an animated picture or video as a background in Windows 8 using Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer this is a free tool that let’s you set custom image at the Metro UI you can also put animated pictures and videos as a background. [Read more...]

Disable UEFI Secure Boot Windows 8.1

Disable Secure Boot fEATURE

Secure boot is a new feature in Windows 8.1 this feature is to increase performance on boot up and block unknown sources of installation for example Linux operating systems or previous versions of windows. [Read more...]

Add Power Button to the Right-Click Context Menu in Windows


If you want to restart or turn off your computer only with 2 clicks you can do it by using this simple registry code tweak that works both on windows 7 and 8. [Read more...]