Raspberry Pi Caddy

How to Setup a Raspberry Pi Caddy Web Server

In this tutorial I will explain step by step how you can set up a Raspberry Pi Caddy web server, Caddy web server usually utilizes the modern web technologies such as HTTP2... Read more »
Raspberry PI ownCloud

How to Backup your Raspberry PI ownCloud Personal Data

In my previous tutorial I showed you guys “How to Install ownCloud 10 on Raspberry pi 3 with Raspbian Stretch Installed” and in that same tutorial I showed how to mount an... Read more »
Putty Network Error: Connection Refused

Putty Network Error: Connection Refused – Raspberry pi

Connection refused” generally means the sshd daemon isn’t running, and/or isn’t listening on port 22. One reason you might be getting “connection refused” is because you’re pointing to the wrong IP. Read more »
Raspbian Stretch

Install ownCloud 10 on Raspberry PI 3 with Raspbian Stretch Installed

Our goal is to install ownCloud 10 on the Raspberry pi with Raspbian Stretch installed. We are not just installing ownCloud but also mounting an external drive for lager capacity of data... Read more »

How to Install Raspbian on VirtualBox

Raspbian is a free operating system based on Debian optimized for the Raspberry Pi hardware. An operating system is the set of basic programs and utilities that make your Raspberry Pi run. Read more »

How to Setup FTP Server on Raspberry Pi

Do you copy a lot of files and folders between your Raspberry PI and your Laptop/Computer using a removable media such as USB key / external hard drive / SD Card reader,... Read more »
Windows 10 IoT

How to Install Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi 3

Windows 10 IoT Core is a version of Windows 10 that is optimized for smaller low power devices like Raspberry Pi 2 and 3. Before getting started, make sure you are running... Read more »

Install KODI (XMBC) on Raspberry Pi

In this post you will learn how to install KODI (XMBC) on Raspberry Pi. This tutorial assumes that you have a fully functional Raspberry pi and a 8 GB Micro SD card... Read more »