Block an Application from Accessing the Internet with Windows Firewall

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Save Space by Cleaning up Component Store (WinSxS Folder) Windows 10

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How to Change the Name Cortana Calls You

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How to Turn On/Off Location Services in Windows 10

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How to use Dynamic Lock Feature in Windows 10

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Desktop Icons Rearranged / Moved after Reboot Windows 10

Some Windows users had faced a problem of their Desktop icons getting rearrange or moving after they restart or shut down their computer, If your icons get’s moved from the place you... Read more »
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2 Ways to Prevent Changing Desktop Wallpaper Windows10

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Change File Permissions to Bypass Trusted Installer

Every windows got a “TrustedInstaller” which is a security principal that prevent any user from deleting such important system files like the files located on “C:/Windows” some of this files might exceed... Read more »