System Protection

How to Turn On and Off System Protection

This feature was also available in previous versions of Windows. But in Windows 10, system protection is made more expandable by adding system recovery features. Basically, System Protection and System Restore features... Read more »
Parental Control

How To Set Parental Control In Windows 10

The new feature comes with windows 10 enables you to create an account for your child family member, and sure you can set rules for this account and set a restrictions how... Read more »

How to Enable or Disable OneDrive in Windows 10

This is an additional feature in Windows 10 and most people find it very handy.  Basically, OneDrive is a free online storage that comes with your Microsoft Account. It plays a role... Read more »
WiFi HotSpot WiFi Password

2 ways to Recover Your forgotten WiFi Password

This tutorial will teach you how you can recover your forgotten WiFi password on your Windows 10 personal computer, you can recover it by using the WiFi network adapter or by using... Read more »

How to Set a Static IP Address in Windows 10

It’s really important to set a static IP address if you want to forward ports on the future, on the time you are going to setup a port forwarding for your router... Read more »
Add Hibernate to the Start Menu in Windows 10

Add Hibernate to the Start and Shut Down Menu in Windows 10

Hibernate is a feature that when you turned off your PC but your apps stay open when the PC is turned on again you’re back to where you left off if put... Read more »
Enable or Disable Driver Verifier

How to Enable or Disable Driver Verifier in Windows 8.1 / Windows 10

Driver verifier is one of the diagnostic tools that are built in Windows 10 basically, “Driver Verifier” verify Microsoft and third parties drivers. There is a proper verification process in which drivers... Read more »

How to Encrypt a Single File or Folder in Windows 10

This is a feature that was introduced by Microsoft that enables files on your device to be encrypted to protect the confidential data from the intruders who try to steal data from... Read more »