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Windows 10 WiFi Limited Access Problem – Troubleshoot WiFi Not Connecting in Windows 10

Sometimes while you are using your laptop or computer you face a strange problem. After you successfully installed Windows 10 or Windows 8.1, we notice that the devices were showing ‘Limited Connectivity’... Read more »

How to Boot Directly to the Windows 8.1 Desktop

Here is how to boot straight to the desktop in windows 8.1 this is a big issue for a lot of users. Read more »

How to Handle Trust Relationship Error on Windows 7/8.1/10

Sometimes on the corporate environment, we join two computers with same computer name on with the corporate domain. The second computer joins the domain but the first one lost his identity and... Read more »

How to Add Blue light Filter in Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Blue light contributes to digital eye strain. When you’re looking at computer screens and other digital devices that emit significant amounts of blue light, this unfocused visual “noise” reduces contrast and can... Read more »

Enable the Pointer Shadow – Windows 8.1

If you haven’t noticed Windows 8.1 doesn’t have the shadow under the mouse cursor. So here’s to get it back in case you want it: Read more »
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Add Safe Mode To The Boot Menu – Windows 8.1

With previous versions of Windows it was easy to access save mode, just by tapping on F8 while booting up. Now with Windows 8, Windows 10 that doesn’t seem to work for... Read more »

How to Find Missing USB Drive in Windows 8.1 & 7

If you are connecting a USB drive or external USB hard drive and nothing happens. You can hear the connection sound but it doesn’t work, and when you look in My PC... Read more »

How to Reset Windows 8.1 Password in Seconds

Forgot your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 login password? I’ve showed previous tutorials in the past but by far Kon-Boot is the fastest method to reset the password in windows. I’ve tested... Read more »