How to Open Command Prompt at Boot Windows 8.1

Locate the Power icon in the logon/lock screen. From the Power icon hold down SHIFT key and click on Restart. Read more »

How to Create a Recovery Partition of Windows 8.1 or 10 and Restore From it

All of the brand name computers comes with a hidden recovery partition. Which is great if you want to restore your computer to factory settings, but a lot of us built our... Read more »

How to Disable the Snap feature in Windows 8.1

The snap feature allows you to easily drag a window to the side of the screen and automatically snaps it on the side of it, the same applies if you drag the... Read more »

Lock Windows Account after Failed Login Attempts

This is mostly used on network environment the fact you can lock out a user after so many failed logging attempts. This is basically created so no one other than you have... Read more »

Fix SecureBoot isn’t configured correctly Desktop Watermark

Lots of Windows users found a watermark on their desktop saying “SecureBoot isn’t configured correctly” along with the version and build number of Windows 8.1. Read more »

Disable OneDrive Integration in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

To completely disable OneDrive we’ll be using a Group Policy to remove it. This is in case you use an alternative to OneDrive like Carbonite. Read more »

Fix Can’t Adjust Brightness after Upgrading to Windows 8.1

Adjusting the brightness stopped working. Don’t feel alone a lot of users are having a problem when it comes to adjusting brightness after upgrading their machine to Windows 8.1. Read more »

How to Disable Windows 8.1 Lock Screen

This tutorial is for all users who don’t like to be prompted with the Windows 8.1 lock screen. Once you are finished with this guide the lock screen will be permanently disabled,... Read more »