How to Switch Between the GUI and Server Core in Windows Server 2012

Earlier Windows Server Core was an enormous one when it was first presented some years ago. Maximum organizations don’t need a full-fledged graphical interface for their servers and this was the abundant... Read more »
Configure DHCP

How to Configure DHCP Policy-Based Assignment Windows Server 2012

Policy-Based Assignment consents administrators to allocate devices with IP addresses from a particular series, which can be advantageous if you need to assemble devices together. For example, you may allot all iPhones an... Read more »

Import / Export Lists of Servers in Windows Server 2012 Server Manager

As an alternative of physically organizing each management workstation with the equivalent set of probably tens or hundreds of servers, you can spread Server Manager’s settings away from one device and practice... Read more »

Resilient File System (ReFS) in Windows Server 2012

Resilient File System (ReFS) is built atop the NTFS. This file system improves the set of features and reliability than the previous versions of Windows Server. However, currently, there are some limited... Read more »
DNS server role

Hot to Install the DNS Server Role on Windows Server 2012

DNS (Domain Name System) protocol is regarded as the base of useable internet experience. The installation of a DNS server role in Windows Server 2012 takes a few steps as mentioned below... Read more »

Migrate or Restore Windows Server 2012 R2 Certification Authority to a New Server

For the complete backup of Windows Server, the backup of individual components involving Certification Authority (CA) database and a private key. After backing up the CA components, they can be restored to... Read more »
Lock Screen

Windows Server Force Specific Default Lock Screen Image via GPO

Nowadays every organization wants to stay safe in security perspectives and most of the companies are focusing on enhancing the knowledge of their employees regarding their own products/features which result in organization... Read more »

Create Active Directory User with Multiple Email Addresses

In this article, we will learn how to create an active directory user with multiple email addresses. This is useful when you are working in an organization where your clients want to... Read more »