How To Burn an ISO Image In Windows 7

Windows 7 has an in-build feature to burn disk images. The process of burning ISO Images is very simple and easy to use.

1. For this example I am burning an ISO image to a disc. So right click on the .ISO image and choose Burn disc image

2. This will open up the Windows Disc Image Burner dialog box where you can choose the CD or DVD drive and also check Verify disc after burning then click Burn button..

3. While the disc is being created there is a progress bar indicating how long until it is finished.

Video Tutorial:

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  1. shirley says:

    Hi Miguel ,
    Why is it that I do not have the feature :burn disc image when I right click on the icon ?
    I am using Win7 home edition, logon is user (not administrator).

    Hope you can advise.

  2. kinley says:

    when i download it comes up jzip file…do i unzip it ?? Please help i am so confused..

    • SteverXman says:

      You first need to right click the zip file and extract ALL, then you can open that folder and find the file inside that is named: Hiren’s.BootCD.15.2.iso that is the file to right click!!

  3. Denise says:

    I am confused, the IOS image…what is that? I downloaded Hirens Boot already.

  4. how do you download it

  5. Michael babao says:

    do i have to extract the file before i burn it.?
    cuz it its a zip file..

    help please *^▁^*

  6. Myat Myat says:

    Hi Miguel,
    If you do not mind, can you help me please? I really need your help. I have one mac and one window computer. I haven’t used window almost 1 year so I forgot window password. I tried to login but I could not. So I searched about it in the internet then I found your video clip. I have already watched your youtube link. As the CD is stuck in the window computer, I can’t boot the hiren into the CD again. Please suggest me what should I do?

    • Miguel Guzman says:

      is it windows 7? check out this link:

      • Myat Myat says:

        Hi Miguel,
        It’s me, Myat again. Sorry for disturbing you again. I have already watched that link. I restarted it again and shut it down when I saw ‘Starting Window’ as you said. Then, I restarted it again but I didnt see window error recovery and I saw login page. What should I do?
        Thanks in adv

  7. Thanks Miguel !! I’ve been solved this by ur way. I got back many of data from my desktop which I didn’t use long time. U make my day 😀

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